Human Coalition and Cura Women’s Care Clinic Run Anti-Abortion Fake Clinics Who Don’t Want You to Know Who They Really Are

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Crisis pregnancy centers are shady, anti-abortion fake clinics that exist to talk women out of having abortions. They spread misinformation about abortion and shame the people who have them. There are more than 2,500 of them in the United States, and out of all the various crisis pregnancy centers, one particular crisis pregnancy center chain emerges as especially disturbing: Human Coalition.

Human Coalition operates crisis pregnancy centers and calls them Cura Women’s Care Clinics in Atlanta, GA, Grapevine, TX, Raleigh, NC, and Pittsburgh, PA.

Human Coalition, run by a man named Brian Fisher, exists to talk women out of having abortions, but with a creepy twist: They use big data and information gathering to make it easier and more efficient for crisis pregnancy centers to deceive, recruit and convert the next woman seeking an abortion. Human Coalition redirects people seeking abortion information online to a network of crisis pregnancy centers — some of which they run — using big data and internet marketing strategies.

They claim their marketing outreach division uses “internet technology, automation software, big data, offline marketing, and marketing intelligence” to best target “families at risk to abort.” If you search for “abortion Atlanta,” you’ll probably see an ad that looks like this (right). The “Atlanta Women’s Center” doesn’t exist, but if you go to their landing page you’ll be directed to their hotline, which will send you to Cura Women’s Care Clinic – a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Human Coalition’s metrics have targeted on Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth (Grapevine), Pittsburgh, and Raleigh as its “key abortion-dense cities” and that’s why they opened their Cura centers to prey on women seeking accurate information and care in those cities.

That said, they claim on their website to support more than 34 crisis pregnancy centers around the country, and given that they are so shady about owning who they are, the depth of their reach around the country is not entirely known. But hey, Human Coalition has built an app so you can use your smartphone, your finger, and some prayer to help women who are lured in by their sneaky online advertising. Each swipe left is supposed to represent a prayer to will women not to have abortions…basically, it’s like a weird third-party Tinder.

Human Coalition staff have caught the attention of The New York Times twice this year, publishing editorials spreading the falsehood that abortion is dehumanizing to women, and that opposition to abortion is part of feminism (nope, pro-life feminism is impossible). Unlike their fake clinic websites and nationally-run op eds, here Human Coalition makes very clear that they want abortion to be “unavailable in our lifetime.” Wonder how many women would enter their fake clinics if they were honest from the start?

If you search for “abortion Atlanta,” you’ll probably see  an ad that looks like this.

These sites look fairly plain, professional … even medical.

Only Human Coalition’s own website shows their true intentions:

Apparently to Human Coalition, “the worst holocaust in human history” is not, in fact, the Holocaust, it’s abortion.